The Respiratory Revolution:

The Key to Easier Running

Transform Your Running: Master Better Breathing for Enhanced Performance

Combining the best breathing techniques from the most successful breathing systems,
our Respiratory Revolution course has been designed specifically by runners for runners.

The course is in the final stages of preparation, so apply now for an amazing 50% pilot course discount!

Coach-Led Pilot Course


An 8-week online course that also features live weekly group video calls with a certified breathing coach for specific questions, tutorials and guidance. The video calls are recorded and available to watch back from your course dashboard whenever you like.

There is also an online community so you and the other course attendees can support each throughout the course and the various breathing challenges.

Although this is an 8-week course, you can complete it in your own time and will have ongoing access to the course.

The number of pilot course attendees is limited to 10 to allow for a greater degree of personalisation. To make it fair, we have a simple application process. If demand is high, we will run another pilot course so if you are unsuccessful this time round you will have another chance.

Usually £249

Pre-Sale Price Is Just £124.50!

Unleash Your Running Potential: Conquer Fatigue with Superior Breathing Techniques

Welcome to The Respiratory Revolution: A Runner’s Guide to Better Breathing. Imagine running without the heavy feeling in your chest, without gasping for air after the first mile, and without the early onset of fatigue. It’s time to unlock your full potential and experience the joy of effortless runs.

Transform Your Lungs into Powerhouses: Enhance Endurance and Stamina

Are you tired of feeling breathless after just a few miles? Do your lungs feel like they’re holding you back and about to burst, causing premature fatigue and hindering your performance? You’re not alone. I was just the same – struggling with my breathing and feeling like I wasn’t getting any better. It’s so frustrating when your stamina doesn’t match how you want to run, so I did something about it and started learning all about breathing efficiency.

Say Goodbye to Tired Runs: Discover the Secret to Endless Energy

Introducing our revolutionary course that focuses on breathing techniques specifically for runners. Our comprehensive approach is designed to help you mobilise and strengthen your diaphragm and other breathing muscles in order to supercharge your lungs, boost your endurance, and help you achieve your running goals. Say goodbye to tired, sluggish runs where you can’t keep up with your running buddies, and hello to a new level of vitality.

Boost Your Running Performance: Master the Art of Efficient Breathing

– Learn proven breathing techniques to maximise oxygen intake

– Discover how you can use carbon dioxide as your performance powerhouse

– Enhance your lung capacity for sustained energy

– Reduce early fatigue and improve overall running performance

– Step-by-step guided exercises tailored for runners of all levels

– Breathing challenges to keep you motivated

– Community support and interaction

– Real success stories from runners who have transformed their performance

Join the Respiratory Revolution: Your Path to a Stronger, Faster, Runner

Don’t let poor breathing hold you back any longer. Embrace the Respiratory Revolution and transform your running experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, our course will provide the tools you need to improve your stamina, reduce fatigue, and achieve your running goals.

Course Topics

  1. Brief Course Overview
  2. Initial Assessment and Benchmark
  3. An IntroductionTo Breathing For Running
  4. Diaphragm Mobility and Strength
  5. Nose Breathing and The CO2 Powerhouse
    • Includes: Breathing Challenge 1
  6. Breathing Warm Up
  7. Running-Specific Breathing Techniques
    • Includes: Breathing Challenges 2 to 7
  8. Resources and Schedule