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Whether you want to lower your injury risk, find out why you get injuries and niggles, or improve your running performance, our in-depth running assessment can help you!


This is not any ordinary gait analysis – this is a RunTeach Running Assessment that has helped scores of runners just like you to identfy what they are doing right and what needs to improve.

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Run Stronger, Faster, Longer

In almost every other sport, we take lessons and practice, practice, practice! But when it comes to running, we just lace up our shoes, get out the door, and expect our body to do the rest. Is it any wonder that in the past four months, 40% of runners will have suffered a running-related injury? At RunTeach, we are passionate about helping runners of all abilities to learn this amazing craft. Because… running is a skill. You can build a strong, stable base. You can run stronger, faster, longer – and reduce your risk of injury!

Hold your horses! Marathon pacing

Hold your horses! Marathon pacing

You’ve done the months of training. You’ve put in hours and hours of running. You’ve dealt with the niggles, the doubts, the setbacks and now you stand in the pen at the start of your marathon. You are as ready as you’ll ever be, and all that stands between you and...

Switching to fat?

Switching to fat?

This article is designed to provide you with a brief look at our energy systems and why eating a diet low in carbs and high in fat may help recreational runners like you and me in our running performance. First, we need to take a look at our energy systems. Next, we...

Marathon nerves

Marathon nerves

“Whoa! My autumn marathon is almost upon me and I don’t think I’ll be ready...” Are you thinking this? I know some of the athletes I coach and others that I also talk to are - even the really experienced ones -  it's those marathon nerves.I’ve run seven marathons over...

How we can help

Your current ability doesn’t matter – it all starts with an assessment and the skills to help you improve.

“Just completed a run assessment with Chris O’Brien of Really interesting. Chris was brilliant and the assessment provided an in-depth analysis of my running. Came away with a report and an action plan detailing the areas that I need to work on. But most of all I came away enthusiastic and confident. Like many people I’ve never been taught to run and any coaching/ guidance is very valuable. Thanks Chris. A hour well spent.” Jan, Dorset.  

“I was a little hesitant about having a run assessment and I’d prepared myself to be told of everything I was doing wrong. However Chris made me feel completely at ease and I was pleasantly surprised that my running form is better than I had expected it to be.  The assessment was informative, productive and I enjoyed it. Chris has provided me with in-depth reports on the session and given advice & exercises on the things I need to address.  Definitely an hour well spent and I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to learn more about their running form and ways in which to progress as it was really beneficial.” Julie, Dorset

“Hi Chris Thanks for the session yesterday. It was really enlightening! Lots to think about and a really positive experience. Regards, Mike.”

Did The Beast (HM) today. Everything you have said really makes sense now and I felt when muscle fatigue cut in on calves, quads and hip flexors and my glutes not being used.

Mike, Dorset

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