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Removing The Blocks To Efficient Running

I don’t do standard gait analysis. I don’t believe it gives you enough information to take a practical, apply now approach to improving your running or getting out of pain.

Instead, I do in-depth, highly personalised running assessments designed for every standard of runner.

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Frustrated with the lack of consitency in the results I was seeing through traditional training methods, I started to ask why?

What I discovered changed how I train and coach…

When I understood that everything is a ‘brain function’, it altered the way I look at pain, running, exercise, fitness and life… forever.

I take a brain-centric, neurobiomechanical approach to gait analysis, running form training, pain modulation and our journey through life.

Rest assured though, this is real neuroscience, not psuedoscience – no woo-woo fluff here, just real results for real people no matter how old you are.

Latest Articles

I Hate Running!

I Hate Running!

“It’s just such hard work, I hate it!” “I really don’t enjoy running but I force myself to get out the door” “I don’t how you can possibly enjoy mile after mile of running - it’s so boring!”Some of us absolutely love running, and some of us absolutely hate it. Now for...

Threat Levels

Threat Levels

You know that feeling you get when you can’t cope? That feeling of being overwhelmed where the smallest thing triggers an internal explosion that sooner or later you just have to let out - usually by shouting and screaming at someone! You probably understand that your...

Live skills session – 19-05-2020

Live skills session – 19-05-2020

Put all that foundation work into practice with a mash up session of mobility and strength. I've added a few new variations in here to keep you progressing forward. You can also find the video over on my Facebook page:...

Live skills session – 12-05-2020

Live skills session – 12-05-2020

In this session you'll keep the practice up and learn a bit more about why the neural warm up and the drills we've been doing are so powerful. This is week number 6 and another step closer to being the awesome runner you want to be. Near the end of the session I talk...

Live skills session – integration 1

Live skills session – integration 1

In this session you will start integrating what we have been learning over the last few weeks, but first you'll experience the awesome power of Z-Health's neuro-warm up! This is a very different kind of warm up that's designed to ignite your sensory input and get your...

Live skills session – core

Live skills session – core

Having a stable and strong core is a foundational requirement of enjoyable and efficient running. The rotation of our upper body is an important part of moving forward when you walk and run. However, you must learn to control that motion so you can harness it to power...

The Man Behind RunTeach

Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien

Founder, Coach and Detail-Aholic

Overweight and constantly out of puff, Chris started running at the age of 38 to get fit enough to spend quality active time with his soon-to-be-born twin daughters. It was a journey that would take him from a 60 minute 10k in 2009 to a 38 minute 10k in 2015, and a 02:59:04 marathon in 2017. Along the way, Chris has placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 10ks, 5ks and pairs 24-hour endurance races. 

While Chris is no elite runner, he is living proof that attention to running technique, correct movement patterns and mindful practice can rocket you from an everyday recreational runner to the top few percent in both local and national running events. 

Chris’ motivation to set up RunTeach came from his desire to share what he has learned and to help other runners achieve their running goals, no matter what level they are currently at. Chris’ passion is to provide the tools and understanding so that runners can learn to move properly and therefore reduce their injury risk and increase performance. 

With training in biomechanics, dynamic movement skills and sports nutrition, Chris is a qualified UKA Level 2 coach in Endurance Running. He shares his knowledge and understanding through fully comprehensive gait analysis, rehab and prehab, coaching and live workshops. Chris works with athletes at all levels from the couch to 5k graduates to competitive club runners. 

Chris is lucky enough to be one of the few gait analysis and coaching companies in the UK to use the cutting edge technology from dorsaVi that measures key aspects of your running gait to produce detailed reports that highlight areas of concern and potential risk. 

Chris is an ambassador for both: 

  • SOS Hydration, an organic electrolyte product that mixes in seconds and is gentle on your stomach and highly effective at hydration, even in the toughest environments. Use discount code CHRIS20 for a 20% saving!
  • Generation UCAN, a one-of-a-kind race fuel that utilises ultra-slow release carbohydrate that doesn’t raise your blood glucose. It still allows your body to burn fat as a fuel source rather than relying on sugar with the inevitable crash. Ideal for high intensity sessions/races and long distance running. Use code RunTeach to save 10%!

My Mission

My misson is to help runners of all abilities reach their goals by using the most efficient, effective, simple and quick techniques possible.

I do this through gait analysis, coaching and one to one services covering many towns and villages in Dorset and Hampshire including Bournemouth, Ferndown, Poole, Verwood, Alderholt, Wimborne, Bransgore, Ringwood, Dorchester and a whole lot more.

I also run workshops and am always delighted when a running club or group asks me to create and deliver a workshop especially for them. Presenting is very high up there on my list of things I’m passionate about!

Through this website I bring together not only the best of my advice and experience, but also that of other runners, coaches and suppliers from around the globe.

I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to help runners keep on improving, so if you have any ideas, please get in touch here.

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