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“ At RunTeach, we are passionate about getting results. ”

Through our in-person and online workshops and courses, you’ll learn how to personalise our powerful drills and exercises to maximise the uniqueness of you!

We take a neurocentric, brain based approach to training. Quite simply, we work at the level of your nervous system to help you achieve results that you never thought were possible!

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No more mindless mobility and strength training!

You are unique! No one else has a nervous system quite like yours. Every single one of your life’s experiences has influenced all the compensations you’ve made across your lifespan. Learn to adapt the mobility and strength exercises you do to your individual nervous system and get the results you deserve.

It’s All about strength!
Strength training for runners

We’re always being told we need to get stronger to avoid injury and run faster… But is that really true? Find out more…

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I’ve taken 45 seconds off my MV parkrun PB and 1 minute off my all time 5k PB.
Pedro Whitney
Came to us with long term knee pain
What you do is amazing! Thank you.
Maggie Kelly
Came to us with recurring injury

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