The RunTeach RunTest is a Premium Personalised Running Assessment

Without the premium pricing!

Filmed from the back, side and front. You receive downloadable copies at normal speed and slow motion to keep.

We go through these videos with you as part of your session.

Tailored to your goals, we use one or more of a selection of tools to determine whether you could improve how you move.

We look at coordination, range of motion and stability as all of these impact your running.

In the days that follow your RunTest, we review the videos and data again.

We then email you a summary of the findings, highlighting the main points.

Over the first few years that I ran, I became frustrated with not being able to see what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong – do you experience the same?

A large part of the problem was the huge amount of information on the Internet. This running guru says such and such; that running guru says something else; this expert coach says you should run barefoot; this one says barefoot running causes injuries; everyone says do strength work but no one really tells you why or how it can help you run faster.

But if you could actually see how you run, you could discover what you are doing right in your running and what you could improve to help you set new PBs.

I’ve been running for more than 10 years, after starting as a complete beginner at the age of 38. And if you are anything like me, you experience the same niggles, aches and pains during or after you run. 

Some of this is just because we run and we put our body under constant stress and high loads. Some aches and mild pain is the response from our body as it breaks down and then builds up again, this time stronger.

But it is possible to reduce those aches and pains, and to lower your overall injury risk by making small adjustments to how you run. Research shows us that big changes in running style can expose us to higher risks of injury – so get your tweak on is the main message.

The very first step to making those tweaks is to discover what you are doing right and what can be improved.

This is exactly why we designed the RunTest.

The running scene has changed a lot over the last decade, and the more runners I work with and talk to, the more I hear “I just want to keep enjoying running”. Often when a runner is injured or frustrated, I hear them complain “I just want to enjoy it again!”.

Put the joy back into your running by finding out what you are doing right in your running what you could improve.

This is NOT your standard gait analysis! This is a highly personalised running assessment tailored to you and your pecific goals.

We have a whole toolbox full of cutting edge tests and assessments as well as classic “trained eye and ear” to help you discover more about your running.

The RunTeach RunTest is tailored to your requirements, so RunTests can be quite different for different runners. However, they all have the following common elements:

  • Exploration of your injury and running history
  • Background education based on your history
  • Asessment of the fundamental ABCs of running: Agility, Balance and Coordination
  • Specific movement and neuro assessments based on your history
  • Walking assessment
  • Filmed running assessment both barefoot and in shoes
  • In-person video review
  • Discussion, recommendations and next steps

How Much Does It Cost?

The RunTest is just


(no upfront payment – pay on the day by card or cash)