Lesson 3 – Threat Levels.

From the last couple of emails, you’ve formed a plan and learned how not to get too stressed if you can’t stick to it, and you’ve got some exercises you can do to help improve your hip and core fluidity and activation.

Today’s lesson will help you take a different view of any stress or anxiety you may be feeling at the moment. I have found this approach invaluable ever since I have learned it, but especially during the first few weeks of lockdown when we were all settling into it again.

If you’ve been anything like me, juggling kids, work and everything else sometimes gets too much. If it isn’t the demands of homeschooling, it’s the dog wanting to go out, come back, go out, come back in… Poor thing, she can’t understand why we’re at home but not spending all day playing with her. But seriously! It’s been driving me insane.

Also, I need to keep my headphones on as I sit at the head of our dining table, a daughter on either side further down, getting on with their school Zoom calls or online work. If I don’t have my headphones in I simply can’t concentrate as most of what I do is creative in nature – and I really need to concentrate.

But no sooner have I put them in and switched on my focus app, I get interrupted – whether it’s the dog, one of the girls or my mobile phone going. And occasionally, just occasionally, I simply explode!

Now, I’m not claiming that we can get rid of all that anxiety from building up at all, and releasing like a sea mine in a fishbowl, but we can make more room so we can handle it better.

And, it’s one of the most interesting concepts I learned when I became a Z-Health® Certified Practitioner and Z-Health® Movement Integration Specialist, and I use it both with myself and my clients.

The concept is called the Threat Bucket, and you can read more about it here, and how it can alert you to taking action to help you feel less anxious, react and behave a little more rationally in these often very stressful, anxious and uncertain times.

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