Winter Motivation

You know what it’s like…

We don’t even need to open the weather app because we can see it streaming down the widows. We can hear it bouncing off the Velux and as it cascades over the edges of our gutters. If we stand long enough on the pavement, our feet act like dams as they hold back the floodwaters of our great British winter.

And if that weren’t bad enough, it’s almost freezing and it’s pitch black. A gloomy, unwelcoming, murkiness awaits us outside – and you have your evening run to do!

Some of us relish these harsh conditions and wear our toughness to get out there and get it done as a badge of honour. But for many of us, the thought of getting cold and wet is enough to miss our evening run. If this sounds like you, my 5 tips to get you motivated and out the door will help.

If you find it hard to leave your warm and cosy home, get changed at work. Go for your run straight from work skip the temptation to stay indoors. I’ve always done this and find it a fantastic way of ensuring I get my running in.

We read so much about setting goals in running, and setting one for the winter months can be a real motivator. Write down what you want to achieve by the end of the dark, wet weather, and make sure every run counts towards this. You are far more likely to get out the door if you have purpose.

While some of us love running solo in the rain, many of us find this to be the hardest part. Share your wet and windy run experience with likeminded people. Team up with a local running group, club or a bunch of running mates – The cold never seems as bad when you are with others.

Here is a list of RunTogether groups, and here is an index of affiliated running clubs.

One of the most difficult aspects of soggy, cold winter running is getting out in the first place. But when you are running, you often forget those first few minutes and settle into it. Hold onto that wonderful feeling of achievement you get when you finish your run. Use it as motivation the next time – the more you do this the easier it will get to take on the winter!

The feeling of having some form of protection from the weather can be enough to help us get out the door. You don’t need a full on waterproof, breathable, mountain-proof running coat… A simple lightweight jacket that protects you in those first few minutes is often all you need to take the edge off.

Here is a downloadable infographic as quick reminder.

I’m sure there are loads more tips out there, and I would love to hear some of your suggestions for a follow-up post.

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