Reduce Your Injury Risk and Improve Your Running Performance.

Are you passionate about running? Do you want to maximise your performance, minimise injury risks, and make each run more enjoyable? Look no further! Our transformative workshop is designed just for you.

Challenge your thinking and take your running to the next level!

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The Resilient Runner Workshop

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Fast Feet and coordination

What To Expect.

A fun and engaging workshop that will challenge how you view and approach your running.

With a unique blend of education and practical application, the Resilient Runner Workshop has been specifically designed to provide you knowledge and practical skills that you can apply on your very next run.

With a focus on injury prevention, performance enhancement and increasing your overall enjoyment of running, you will learn a faster and more efficient way to achieve your running goals.

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Course Aims

The Resilient Runner workshop has been designed to help ordinary, everyday recreational runners of all abilities learn how to run faster, get injured less often, and ultimately enjoy their running more.

Through group discussion, practical exercises, drills and an informative and engaging presentation, you will learn and experience:

  • Why you get injured
  • How you can reduce your injury risk
  • How you can run faster and get that PB
  • Understanding your training load and how it impacts you
  • Running more efficiently, using up to 30% less energy!
  • Running technique and how to prepare for changing how you run
  • Key elements of strength training for running
  • To challenge how you think about running

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Runners of all abilities will benefit from this workshop whether you run a 30 minute+ 5k or a 17 min 5k.

Yes. There will be some running, but this will be in the form of drills and exercises rather than any distance type runs.

Ideally, yes! A large element of the workshop is movement and we would love to see you move as much as possible during those sections.

No. Please either bring your own lunch or buy lunch from one of the many places nearby. These include Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and good number of cafes.

Yes. Tea, coffee, water and diluting juice are all included in your ticket price. We will also be providing you with a variety of snacks, including fruit, to help keep up your energy up throughout the day.

Are You Ready To Take Your Running To The Next Level?

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