RunForm Assessment – Thorough, Quick and Affordable

Filmed from the back, side and front. Option to download copies at normal speed and slow motion to keep.

We go through these videos with you as part of your session.

In the days that follow your RunForm Assessment, we review the videos and data again.

We then email you a summary of the findings, highlighting the main points.

Are you looking for a quick and affordable way to have your running form assessed?

The hardest part of improving your running is knowing what to improve: where do you start if you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Most of us just want to get a little bit better each time; we don’t all want to put all the time and commitment into being the absolute best we can be… a little bit better will do just fine thanks!

If this sounds like you, I have ther perfect solution for you.

It’s quick, it’s thorough and it’s affordable and it will let you know the most important three things you can do to improve your running.

I’m talking about about my RunForm Assessment.

There’s nothing scary, and it’s all done within 45 minutes: and that includes going through your personal running videos with you. Here’s how it works…

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If you would like to download and keep your running videos so you can refer back to them at any time, you can upgrade for a small additional cost.

I want to make this service available to as many runners as possible, so I’m keeping the price right down for you.

The RunForm Assessment is just


The upgrade to include your running videos (download and keep) is just £10.

There is no upfront payment

(unless you buy the RunForm as a gift voucher – see here).