The Resilient Runner Workshop for Dorchester RIOT Running Club

Saturday 8th June 2019. 11am to 5pm

Location: The Rugby Club, Dorchester.


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We all love running for our own reasons.

The community. The freedom. The adrenaline. The adventure.

No matter your reason for running; we want to help you run easier and faster!


The Resilient Runner 1 Day Workshop

At RunTeach, we coach runners of all abilities and want to share this same knowledge with you! We have a passion for teaching correct movement patterns and then making them stronger – catapulting your running to the next level.

Small Changes - Big Impact!

Learn how small changes in how you run can make a big difference to both your performance and your injury risk.

Move Better to Run Better

What happens to your body when you run? How you move in your daily life affects how fast you run. Find out if you might be using the wrong muscles to run with, and why this could be slowing you down.

Course Aims

Our upcoming 1 day workshop, The Resilient Runner, has been designed to help both male and female runners of any ability discover how to run faster and get injured less often.

Through group discussion, practical exercises and an informative and engaging presentation, you will learn and experience:

  • Why we get injured
  • How we can stop getting injured
  • How we can run faster and get that PB
  • The right strength training for running
  • Creating your own training schedule
  • Running more efficiently, using up to 30% less energy!

Led by UK Athletics Coach Chris O’Brien, you will leave with the knowledge, skills and techniques to take your running to the next level.


You will also receive 3 different warm up routines to take away and use immediately.

From Overstride...

...To Efficient, Fast Strides

The cost for the 1 day workshop is just

£30 per person!

This is your chance to beat your PB, and to reduce your risk of annoying and painful injuries.

Location, Date and Time


The rugby club,


What Date

Saturday 8th June 2019

What Time

11:00 to 17:00



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