So, what is exactly is neurocentric training? Quite simply, it’s working at the level of the brain before working at the level of the muscles and connective tissue. It’s putting the brain first and central in everything you do when reducing pain and improving performance.

Everything you are and everything you do is a function of your brain. In real life this means all of your movement, and all the things that restrict it. If you have pain, restricted range of movement, fatigue or any other output – you are experiencing life at the level of your brain.

Only working at the level of your muscles and connective tissue is not very efficient and often isn’t very effective at resolving these things.

Initially, this can be a tough concept for people to wrap their heads around and depending on how it’s presented, can come across as a bit far out and woo-woo. However, both neuroscience and pain science back this concept up as fact, and there are a wealth of studies that show this.

One of main benefits of working at the level of the brain, is that you can unlock movement patterns that have been trapped for years. All kinds of pain, including back pain, knee pain and IT Band pain, can be reduced or eliminated in a fraction of the time of the more traditional type of training.

In addition to pain modulation, you’ll often experience a range of motion and mobility in your joints that you haven’t had for years. This is normally a greater range of motion than you’ll get from traditional training methods and systems, even after years of training.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but you really can get amazing results. The difficult part is finding what works for your individual brain and nervous system to find the key to the lock. This can often take just a few seconds or minutes, but sometimes it involves trying a few different approaches. However, once you find what works, the results can be astonishing, and the challenge changes to the best way of keeping things feeling great.

It’s a very exciting and dynamic way of training that will alter how you look at pain, training, rehab and exercise, including running, forever.

To get a flavour of the type of mobility and fluidity training I do, catch up with some of the FaceBook Live sessions I presented during the lockdown months in 2020. You can access them on my blog page here.

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