The items in this section are included in all three of our gait analysis services.

To reduce your injury risk and improve your running speed, you need to have good coordination. After all, running is largely a one-legged balancing exercise that involves a very complex set of integrated movements throughout your whole body.

Our coordination assessment will help identify areas where you need to improve your coordination, balance and the fundamental movements skills needed for running.

Balance and leg stability are two of the primary skills you need to run faster, more efficiently and to reduce your injury risk.

A knee test performed by RunTeach

We use specialist medical grade sensor equipment and software to analyse how you perform during different movement exercises. We also observe and film these movements so that we can review then and recommend areas for improvement.

Usually carried out using our treadmill in our facility, but can also be performed outside if preferred.

We attach our specialist medical grade sensor equipment and film you running from several different angles. We film you from head to toe to ensure we record the most complete picture of your running as we can.

Running assessment by RunTeach - some report data

We run the data through our specialist software and use the results along with our review of the video analysis to provide you with recommendations on the areas you need to improve on.

An important part of what we do is to help you understand how you run and how this may affect both your performance and your injury risk.

We find one of the best ways of doing this is go through your video analysis with you, right there and then.

You will be amazed at the insights you suddenly have when you see yourself running!

You’ll be glad to hear that we aren’t all about precise angles and prescribing the correct ration of this to that. Instead, we recognise that every runner is different. However, there are some fundamental elements of how we run that can have a huge positive influence on speed and injury risk.

We are one of the few running specialists in the UK to have access to the medical grade sensor equipment from dorsaVi.

This highly specialised hardware and software allows us to measure and record changes in load forces and movement that can’t be detected by the naked eye.

In turn, it alerts us to potential injury risks and can help us understand how you can become a faster runner.

We use the data along with the other areas of the assessment to build a complete picture of you as a runner.

As part of every assessment, we will email you the reports generated by the software so that you have them to keep. You can show them to your physio or other specialist, and they may then be able to use them to help pinpoint an injury or provide you with a higher level of care.

As well as talking through with you what your options are for achieving your running goals – whether that’s to set a new PB, recover from an injury or reduce your future injury risk – we will recommend some exercises to get you started.

As well as the items above, the following service is part of the Silver and Gold packages.

We make the videos of your running analysis available for you to download and keep. These are uploaded onto a secure area and are password protected for your privacy.

You can learn a lot from seeing yourself run, so being able to go back and review how ran on your assessment day is a great way of remembering what you need to work on – and also for how far you’ve come once you have been working on those things for a while.

When you take our Gold Gait Analysis package, you get everything above plus…

We will go through your running goals with you, as well as how you currently train. We look at the frequency and intensity of your training and help to determine whether it can be improved so that you can reach your goals quicker.

The results of your running and movement assessments will also provide valuable insight as to whether you need to alter the amount and/or frequency of your training.

For example, if you are currently recovering from an injury, it may be a good idea to change around some of your sessions to give you the best chance of recovering as quickly and as strong as you can.

Our standard report provides you with guidance on the main areas to work on, along with exercise recommendations.

The Gold package, however, takes this to a whole different level. You will receive an in-depth report with pictures extracted from your video analysis. The pictures show areas that need to be addressed, and are accompanied by explanations of the potential impact these areas may have. 

You will be provided with a much deeper level of insight into how you run and how this affects you now and how it could affect you in the future.