Partners and Discounts

We’ve teamed up with a few companies whose values and products we completely believe in. We use these products ourselves and are very proud to shout out about them.

We’re ambassadors for both SOS Hydration and Generation UCAN, and have been using these products for a number of years. We’re affiliated re-sellers for Pulseroll, and use their products in the treatment of our clients as well as ourselves.

Check out these discounts on some great running products. You’ll be able to enjoy great savings off the usual retail price.

SOS Hydration

Certified GMO Free and Organic, SOS Hydration is our hydration product of choice. Developed by a medical doctor to replicate the hydration properties of a saline drip,  SOS Hydration is absorbed quicker and is more effective at hydrating than most of the other hydration products available today.

Visit the SOS Hydration website to find out more and get a 20% discount using the following code at the checkout: CHRIS20


Not just any foam roller will do! Vibrating foam rollers help improve blood flow and are much easier to use than traditional foam rollers. The multi-speed vibration settings mean that you can find the sore spot and keep on it, knowing that the foam roller is doing the work instead of you.

We were absolutely blown away by how good these rollers were. So much so that we just had to get some. They come 12 months warranty, and the UK based company are friendly and approachable.

Visit the Pulseroll website to save £10 with our discount code: RunTeach10

Generation UCAN

A one-of-a-kind sports supplement and nutrional product that is truly amazing! Commonly known as SuperStarch, UCAN was originally developed for medical purposes as a very slow and sustained source of carbohydrate. Due to the manufacturing process, SuperStarch hardly raises blood sugar levels, and is now used in many diabetic products is the US.

Due to this rare property, SuperStarch allows you to continue to burn body fat as a fuel while providing you with a reliable baseline of glucose for your brain and working muscles. Unlike gels and similar high-sugar products, SuperStarch can be taken as a pre-load to give up to 4 hours of energy!

Developed to be easy on the difestive system, SuperStarch is fast becoming the fuel of choice for athletes of all abilities, and for all types of events.

Visit the Generation UCAN website to find out more. To save 10%, please use discount code: RunTeach at the checkout.