The RTPlan is a plan only service, but isn’t as basic as it might sound. Designing and rolling out an individual plan isn’t a one-time exercise. Rather, it is a well researched and hand crafted schedule. It is a journey of discovery and development, and the plan itself is a living document that continually evolves based on the athlete’s goals, progress and challenges.

The process of designing and maintaining the plan looks a bit like this:

  • Initial consultation to determine goals, gather background information and see whether we can work together. This initial meeting is free.

  • Ideally, you would undergo a running assessment so that we can include any gait training or specific imbalances into your IDP (Individual Development Plan). This will be heavily discounted from our website price.

  • Following on from the two points above, the IDP is drafted and agreed upon.

  • The first 4-week block is then rolled out onto our coaching platform for you to follow. We use a secure online system that is free for you to use. This includes a mobile app and email notification of that days workout.

The platform integrates with your Garmin and/or Strava data so we can analyse your running, and allows you to provide feedback such as how you felt, any niggles or injuries and make comments.

Because your life is fluid, we make sure your plan is too. By using the online platform we can quickly update your plan to reflect your changing circumstances.

  • Once per block we have a telephone or video chat to help plan the next block. This summarises the feedback provided throughout the current block and allows us to communicate in a more detailed way than simple messaging can offer.

RTPlan Plus

RTPlan Plus includes everything in RTPlan as well as an individually tailored one-to-one or other personalised plan to help you achieve your IDP.

Often, we find our athletes need more of a helping hand meeting their running goals. This can take a number of forms, but usually includes one to one sessions to work on areas identified in the IDP. This could be:

  • Muscular imbalances

  • Coordination and balance

  • Specific strength work

  • Technique and form training

  • Specific fitness goals

  • Other injury or health challenges