Give yourself elite running skills and race your fastest ever in the New Year!

Having a gait analysis is one of the only ways of finding out how you can run faster; if it’s done properly…

Not all gait assessments are up to the job!

All the experts agree that you need to look at your whole body to pick out the finer details. And the truth is, most gait analysis assessments miss crucial weaknesses that are stopping you running faster because they either only look at your feet or only look from the waist down – when was the last time you saw a runner only running with their legs?

I like the overall experience from the data sets to the video analysis and recommended improvement excercises. Chris’ approach, manner and obvious love of his topic really helps too. All data was available immediately.

I take the job of assessing you seriously, but also like to create an informal and relaxed atmosphere so you can be you. Every detail of how you run matters to me so that I can give you a simple step-by-step guide to improving how you run so you can go faster. I frequently pick up the tiny things that everyone else misses, and here’s how I can do that:

  1. Individual review
  2. Movement and stability test
  3. Coordination test
  4. Video gait analysis
    • Whole body
    • Walking and running
    • Barefoot and in shoes
    • Multiple angles
    • Downloadable for you to keep
  5. High-tech medical grade hardware and software to detect even the tiniest imbalance and instability
  6. Instant reports detailing instabilities
  7. Follow-up summary report
  8. Step-by-step guide for your highest priority weaknesses with exercise recommendations and demonstrations

Excellent technical facilities to record and analyse gait. Very considerate, supportive and informed analysis and help during session.

Your RunTest is personalised to you. No two RunTest assessments are the same. I have a whole toolbox to choose from, so I can tailor the assessment to what you want to get out of it.

It’s quite simply the most comprehensive gait analysis and running assessment in Dorset.

We are open 7 days a week, so get in touch to arrange a time slot that’s suitable for you.

To help you get started I am offering a 10% discount on both the RunTest gait analysis and the Gift Vouchers for a RunTest. But the offer is only on until the 15th January, so you’d better be quick!

To take advantage of this offer, either pay online or contact me to get more information.