Here is all you need to get you through the 4-Week Running Form Challenge.

After each FaceBook Live Session I’ll put the current weeks drill circuit up here so you can always come back and review.

Let’s start of with the introductory video:

  • Join me on the FaceBook Live session at
  • Shortly following the FaceBook Live session (ideally the next day), go for a benchmark run of your preferred distance. We will use this same route and distance each week to measure your progress.
  • Do the drill circuits between 3 and 5 times per day for at least 5 days.
  • Have lots of fun doing them.
  • Before the next FaceBook Live session, run the benchmark run again.
  • Track your progress
  • Feedback on the session how you got on.

The week 1 drill circuit is:

  • Neutral stance, arma wide, in front, rotations
  • Maintaining nutral stance throughout:
    • 3 x outside ankle tilts left foot, right foot
    • 3 x inside ankle tilts left foot, right foot
    • 3 x toe pulls straight foot, left and right
    • 3 x toe pulls outside (45 degree), left and right
    • 3 x toe pulls inside, left and right
    • 3 x knee circles on left leg in both directions
    • 3 x knee circles on right leg in both directions
    • 3 x eye circles
    • 10 x pencil / thumb push ups


Week 2 is all about balance, but perhaps not as you know it. Using what we know about triangulating the Visual, Vestibular (inner ear) and Proprioceptive (movement) systems, you can train your balance by combining all three.

This week we are going to set some baseline assessments that you can come back to time and again, so you can see how far you’ve progressed. The full assessments take about 15 minutes, and most of this is doscovering where you are in each stance.

To help you record your baseline assessments, and follow-on reassessments, here are some charts that you can use. There is one chart for each different stance position:

Baseline Assessment Chart – Neutral Stance

Baseline Assessment Chart – Narrow Stance

Baseline Assessment Chart – Split Stance with Space Between Feet

Baseline Assessment Chart – Split Stance Heel to Toe

Baseline Assessment Chart – Single Leg


Here is the video for the baseline assessments…



Here is the video for the drills…


Week 3 introduces a whole body strength session that is very running specific. It targets foot and knee strength as well as rotation control through upper body and core exercises.

With a little practice, the entire session including the warm up should take between 25 minutes and 30 minutes.

I do use loop bands for some of the exercises, but you can use different types of resistance bands or do the exercises without any loading.

Aim to complete three of these sessions this coming week, and going forward you’ll get great benefit from doing it twice per week.


Here is the follow along video…

This week we begin to train the muscles around your eyes to help your general vision as well as peripheral and depth perception. Ideally, you will do the vision session every day for the next week, and then every other day for 6 to 8 weeks afterwards.

There is also a core session that you can mix and match with the previous core session and do between 1 and 3 times per week.

Vision Exercises

Core Session