This page contains links to all the emails so far in the:

1. Lessons From January Series

2. Lessons From The Blueprint Series

I hope you enjoy them!

Lessons From January – Lesson 3

Lesson 3 - Threat Levels.From the last couple of emails, you’ve formed a plan and learned how not to get too stressed if you can’t stick to it, and you’ve got some exercises you can do to help improve your hip and core fluidity and activation. Today’s lesson will help...

Lessons From January – Lesson 2

Lesson 2 - If I can't run, what can I do?OK, so in the last lesson email you looked at getting yourself some kind of plan - even if that’s a rough sketch that makes you think about a goal and provides some loose guidance on how to get there. We also looked at things...

Lessons From January – Lesson 1

Well, what a start to 2021 January was. I expected some tighter restrictions following the Christmas period, but had hoped it wouldn’t be a national lockdown. And it wouldn’t have been quite so bad if the schools hadn’t closed - that threw a real spanner in the works....

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