The RunTeach Gait Analysis

The gait analysis services that we offer look at how you run from head to toe. We look at how you move throughout your whole body, not just your feet.

We video you running and performing a series of dynamic movements. We also measure the forces you can’t see with the naked eye. We then review all of this with you to determine what your next steps are.

We find that as soon as runners see themselves run, their eyes are suddenly opened. Link this with the data provided by the medical grade sensors from dorsaVi, and it all starts falling into place.

Let’s do this properly, let’s keep you running at your best!

We have options for everyone – choose the package that suits you best…

Why have a Gait Analysis?

Although we love, respect and recommend physiotherapists, many just don’t have the resources that we do to assess how you run. What if you could take what you learn from your gait analysis along to your physio? You may be able to save a fortune in professional fees and get much closer to pinpointing the issue once you learn how you run and how that may be causing your pain or lack of performance. 

Many running shops now offer some form of gait analysis service, but all they look at is your feet. Their sole purpose is to sell you shoes, so they are only looking at how you run from a ‘foot only’ perspective. But you know better than that – you know that you run with more than your feet! Professional coaches and biomechanics experts all agree that shoe prescription cannot be determined from just looking at your feet. Remember, the loads you experience while running won’t change with the shoes you wear, but they may move somewhere else!

If you wear shoes that stop your foot from rolling inwards, that shoe is also stopping your foot from doing its job of naturally absorbing some of the loading forces. And… if the foot isn’t able to absorb the forces, they must go somewhere else. Like your ankles, shins, knees, hips or shoulders. 

Isn’t it better to discover why your feet are excessively rolling inwards (if indeed they are)?

Quick Fact: Did you know that more than 70% of runners have feet that roll inwards when they run?

You may also be interested to know why that is: It is because they are designed to do that! That’s right, they are meant to roll inwards. That’s the design of your body. Just like your knee is designed to bend and your lungs are designed to expand.

However, issues can arise if some movements are excessive or outside normal range. But you cannot determine why this is the case just from looking at your feet. You may end up doing more harm than good!

Why not book your gait analysis with RunTeach today so we can help you become a faster, stronger runner?


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